The DLD Blaster is an all-inclusive exercise- meaning it targets length, girth and stamina.

It is very important that the PC muscle is completely understood. Try this exercise to locate your PC muscle and the proper way to do a kegel and a reverse kegel.

The next time you urinate, stop the flow of urine by squeezing- that muscle that stops the flow of urine is your BC (bulbocavernosus) muscle. Now, to correctly do a reverse kegel, urinate as hard as you can. That motion is a reverse kegel. This is important to understand.

DLD Blaster

Step 1

While laying down pull penis up towards the chest. Create a good amount of tension.

Step 2


Do 100 quick PC squeezes while holding this stretch. (This will completely isolate the PC muscle while making you aware of the feeling when it is releasing.)

Step 3


Let go and do a 20 second hard PC squeeze.

Step 4

In a seated position grab penis just below glans and thread your non-stretching hand under your penis and support it against the wrist of your stretching hand. Pull your penis downward towards the floor (for a couple of seconds.)

Step 5


Now do 50 sets of these: PC squeeze (kegel) for 5 seconds (being very aware of the pc muscle)


*Push out (Reverse kegel), releasing the PC muscle for 5 seconds while still pulling the penis downward.


Finish this routine with a 1 minute PC squeeze followed by a 1 minute push (kegels and reverse kegels respectively).

*NOTE- You will feel an immediate increase in length on the push. This is where you will be hitting the ligaments 100%.

For vets and hangers:

  • This exercise is ideal to do when hanging, too!

Please everyone try this...I am sure you will be very happy.

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The "DLD Blaster" video