We Coach You 1-on-1, So You Get the Results You Want

In a comparison study of meCOACH clients and standard PEGym.com users, it was shown meCOACH clients realized 200% more results.

A Custom Tailored Plan

AJ starts by defining your goals and setting clear targets, He then builds a male enhancement workout plan customized to you.

Your Personal Guide

Expert male enhancement coach, AJ “Big Al” Alfaro, is your guide every step of the way, tailoring his training to make sure you’re exercising safely and effectively to reach you goals.

Regular 1-on-1 Support

AJ and his team provide you with regular 1-on-1 support, helping in any way needed. You can communicate to us via email, skype or video chat.

Expert Improvements

meCOACH experts modify and improve your routine. Experts include PEGym.com founder Rob Michaels and Dr. Richard Howard II.

Bigger & Harder

You learn how to increase penis length by stretching the tunica, penis girth by expanding your smooth muscle, and erection quality by exercising the penis vascular system.

All Starting Levels

We work with men of all levels – from those new to penis exercising to veterans who want to take their routine to the next level.

Meet The Coaches

Real Penis Enhancement is Hard. We Make it Easy

It’s difficult to achieve any body transformation naturally on your own, especially penis enhancement. However, with AJ and our team at meCOACH, we make the process easy, with 4 simple steps.

AJ Coaching

Step 1. “New Client Interview” to Define Your Goals

The first thing we do at meCOACH is make sure you know exactly where you are and where you want to be. AJ will interview you to learn about your unique goals, time requirements, past health history, devices you’d like to use, and other important information. We’ve helped men achieve every sexual health goal there is - from overcoming ED and PE to becoming the best lover possible. Once we know your goal, we make sure you achieve it.

Step 2. We Build You a Custom Plan

We make sure you’re focused on the right areas
to get the results you want. We customize a one-of-a-kind workout plan (your “Success Plan”), tailored to your schedule, your experience level, your body, and your goals. All of the plans are based on the bestselling meCOACH guide, which outlines the exercises, videos and how-to instructions - there’s no need to guess on how you should be doing it. For instance, men who want size will have a different routine than men who want to to improve their stamina.

AJ Coaching
AJ Coaching

Step 3. You Start Exercising; We Provide Support

We not only make sure you’re doing the exercises properly and safely but also keep you accountable. You keep track of your results in your convenient meCOACH log designed to keep us up-to-date with your routine. As we give you feedback, you can communicate to us via email, skype, and video chat (depending on your preference and coaching plan).

Step 4. Evolve and Optimize Your Routine for Results

Most men fail by not optimizing their routine. They just blindly do a routine without ever changing it - or worse, they change it up too much. This is where an expert coach goes from being useful to being a game-changer. AJ and the team at meCOACH use their expertise with 1,000's of clients to review your progress logs and evolve your routine, maximizing your effectiveness, efficiency and safety.

AJ Coaching
AJ Coaching

Build a Foundation With Our Male Enhancement Coaching Guide

The meCOACH Training Guide was developed with decades of combined experience from AJ “Big Al” Alfaro and his world-class team. This is your stepping stone for success.

What does the meCOACH Guide and Resource Library come with?

  • Over 30 exercises and 10 routines to help you add length, girth and hardness
  • Exercises to help you last longer and become multi-orgasmic
  • Workouts to straighten a penis curve of up to 40 percent
  • Your personalized meCOACH log - to record your workouts, stats and other important information
  • Effective advice that’s customized to your data and goals
  • Exclusive articles by experts such as AJ “Big Al” Alfaro, PEGym founder Rob Michaels, and Your Penis Doctor Dr. RIchard Howard II
  • Beginner's Guides, Advanced Guides, How To Videos, Suggested Enhancement Tools, Before & After Picture Library, User Success Graphs, and much more

See How Easy It Is

How we help your penis training

AJ and the meCOACH guide will change how you exercise with breakthrough training techniques that enable you to target your smooth muscle, your penis tunica and your ligaments - enabling you to get the results you want, fast.

Target Your Penis Smooth Muscle

Your penis is made up of approximately 50% smooth muscle, giving your penis its size and shape. Just as when you work out muscles in other areas of your body, penis exercising causes microtears in the tissues facilitating new cellular growth. AJ and the meCOACH guide will show you how to target your penis smooth muscle for optimal results.

AJ Coaching
AJ Coaching

Break Through The Limiting Factor: The Tunica

Surrounding your penis’s three corpora chambers is a strong layer of tissue called the tunica. With the proper techniques, your tunica and corpora chambers will become larger and stronger overtime. The meCOACH guide will show you how to properly focus on tunica growth and enhancement.

Elongate Your Ligaments and Grow

Approximately half of your penis is hidden inside of your body. By extending the ligaments through gentle stretching, you allow more of this “inner penis” to come forward, becoming both visible and usable. The meCOACH guide will show you how to properly stretch, extend and elongate the ligaments, for safe, permanent penis growth.

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AJ Coaching

Our Coaching Service has Helped 1,000’s Get the Size They Want. It Can Help You Too!

At Male Enhancement Coach, we’ve helped 1,000’s of men reach their male enhancement goals with our one-on-one coaching. Our users have reported increases of 2+ inches in length and 1.5+ inches in girth. More importantly, they’ve reached these goals 200% faster than men who tackle male enhancement on their own.

AJ Coaching

Healthy, Rock-Hard Erections for a Lifetime

At meCOACH, we believe size increase is just the beginning. The most important thing we will teach you is how to take control of your sex life. Our experts have showed thousands of men how to:

  • Improve erection quality and have rock-hard erections
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Improve stamina and last as long as you want
  • Stop premature ejaculation
  • Have multiple orgasms
  • Straighten a penis curve
  • Increase pleasure for you and your partner
  • Increase your ejaculation volume and distance
  • Build an overall healthier penis and vascular system
  • Increase their sex drive, stamina and desire
  • Increase confidence, control and sexual happiness

Easy Results

Thousands of Clients

“meCOACH helped my urinary issues”

“After 10 weeks of working out with Big Al's personal instructional exercise routines, this 66 year old man has gained a strong "1 inch" in penal growth and "3/4 inch" in girth. Oh, by the way, my prostate muscles have strengthened and my sexual confidence greatly improved.”


“meCOACH gained me 1.5 inches”

“I gained 0% the first 3 month, then I signed up with meCOACH gained 1.5 inches girth,0.5 inch of length and a 50% improvement in erection quality in the following 4 month. You need to join this proven program and let him adjust what you are doing until you hit the growth zone.”


”These are amazing results…”

" I still can't get over the improvement, neither can my girlfriend who can't believe the results, this is an awesome program.

The difference is far more than I expected. Over a 4 inch jump in length when its soft, and over two inches hard. I highly recommend this system."


"My wife can't believe the results!"

”Well, after only 2 weeks my cock is already getting fatter and I have rock hard erections. Needless to the say the wife can't believe it either.

Now she is cheering me along and making sure I have time to get my routine done, lol. Wish I would have known about this years ago. Thanks!"


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