In an industry with so many products that simply don't work or are too difficult to live with to maintain, Isagenix is the answer to your weight loss prayers. It's not only easy to fit into your lifestyle, but, most importantly...

It works!

Each Isagenix shake has 24 grams of protein with a superior branched-chain amino acid profile and 23 vitamins and minerals. Each serving contains eight grams of fiber. This makes it truly a complete, nutritious meal - not just a meal replacement. The 24 grams of protein in each Isagenix shake comes from undenatured whey and milk protein isolate.

What does undenatured mean? And, why is it important?

It means this whey has never been brought to a boil, during processing. This is important, because it means Isagenix protein has live enzymes in it that make it up to 95% digestible. This means you'll not only stay fuller longer, but also means your body gets the maximum benefit from this protein, unlike other protein sources, which your body simply processes and gets rid of as waste.

Furthermore, the whey protein is obtained from organic, grass-fed cows, in New Zealand. These cows were chosen for their highest nutrient count. Non-GMO, gluten-free - Isagenix is committed to providing the highest quality, nutritional products possible.

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