Testimonials and Success Stories

I gained over 2 inches . . .

"I have been using your program since Jan. 3, 2000. I started out with 4.5 inches soft, and 6.5 inches hard. Using your advice and your advanced programs, I have gained close to 2 inches. On April 8, 2000, I measured 6.25 inches soft, and 8.25 inches hard!

I truly want to thank you for your patience with my questions. You're the best!
From your client and friend, Big C.

These are amazing results . . .

"Big Al, I am very proud of my increase as a result of your training. I think these are amazing results in less than 4 months. I still can't get over the improvement, neither can my girlfriend who can't believe the results, this is an awesome program.

The difference is far more than I expected. Over a 4 inch jump in length when its soft, and over two inches hard. I highly recommend this system."
S. McKenkie

I gained 2.5 inches thanks to you . . .

"Big Al: Attached is a picture of my 6.5 inch penis, which is 2.5 inches bigger than when I first visited you 2 years ago. Thank you very much !!!"
Bob Locke

Solid coaching!

"Big Al you are quickly becoming my Guru, with your sound reasoning and your direct approach!"

Thank you . . . My lack of confidence is diminished!

""I would just like to report that in just over a month I have gained 1.25" in length using this program. This puts me past the half way point to my goal of 9". I was average before, and now I am sitting at 8". I hadn't measured in a few weeks, and I took a week off last week. Then I was with my new girl friend for the first time this weekend.

It was the greatest feeling when she buried her head in the pillow and screamed :) I couldn't believe the results when I read the tape. My lack of confidence in bed has been completely deminished.

I just want to say thanks to Big Al for giving such good advice. I have been able to use the techniques properly thanks to you. And a little word to all you new folks out there, just follow every single word on the site and you will grow. Since the gains are permanent, I am soooo glad I took before pictures. Besides, the before pictures have allowed me to see just how much I have really gained."
Thanks again :) Richard

This has transformed my sex life beyond my dreams!

"I'm 58 years old and in 18 months I've increased my length from 5 7/8" to just over 7 1/2". In circumfrence I've increased from 5 1/2" to 6". Plus, your exercises have given me a rock-hard erection (which my wife has appreciated) and total control of ejaculation timing.

Now I can easily have 'marathon" intercourse sessions in which I can bring my partner to climax 2 to 3 times and then climax with her during her last climax. Needless to say, this has transformed my sex life beyond my dreams.

My goal is to be "8 X 6 1/2". That is my silent mantra as I begin each session. I'm sure I'll get there, probably by this time next year. PATIENCE is the key. You have a VERY satisfied customer here and one that is still astounded at his gains.

I can't thank you enough Al. I do think several of your techniques have the basis of my gains. Good health and circulation is necessary as well. I look like a fit 40 and feel like 30. Can't ask for more than that. Thank you for the e-mail info. It's very helpful."
John B.

Excellent support . . .

Alfaro's enthusiasm is infectious and his cleints are assured of committed and expert coaching. The meCoach program is a well-designed regime of exercises designed to lengthen, thicken, and strengthen the penis."
George Atkinson, AltPenis Editor-in-Chief

I have built the cock of my dreams!

"I wanted to drop you a note to say that I have attained a MAJOR length target after 20 months of work.

I began with an erect length of 7.25 inches. Today, my cock maxes out over 9.75", and that is a conservative figure. NO BULLSHIT. What has been pleasing (and somewhat surprising) is the consistency with which growth has occurred, and that gains continue to be made without resorting to more intense or advanced routines.

The response from the new woman in my life has been favorable, to say the least. It's an amazing feeling of confidence to KNOW you are well-hung, and she can sense this.

Thanks for making the information available. I am a VERY satisfied client."

Thumbs Up to Big Al!

"I subscribed to Big Al's program in February, and I like it a lot. There are a lot of excellent tips & routines in the For Size program. I've seen the contents of some other pay guides and I would say that none of them is better than Al's. I like the graduated routines for extra intensity, as well as Al's no-nonsense style. Overall, I give Big Al's guide a solid 'thumbs up.'
Member Username: PissPipe


"I'm 19 and just started college. I was scared as a rat of being caught by some hot chick with only four and 1/2 inches of penis! I know they'd laugh their asses off like the chicks in a threesome video I saw.

Man, I was thinking of hurting myself because I got so depressed seeing all these available chicks and not having the nuts to do something!! 4 months after joining your program, I'm at 6 1/2 inches and fat as a coke can!

Chicks I don't know are jockin me because of my coke can dick!!! Man, sorry about the excitement but you made my dreams cum true!"

Value of Content

"I just wanted to take a minute to make a statement. When I first checked into the PE sites I was very skeptical. I didnt want to pay for a site that showed nothing. I am so glad to see all of the correspondence that occurs between all the members.

Thank you Al, for running a true and true club. Good luck to you all, I hope you all achieve your desired results. We are just beginning this, so please wish us luck!"
Dan and Angie

Surprising the urologist after 9 months

"I got a kick out of this and I think it will be an encouraging read for guys just starting out or interested in starting.

This week I went to my old friend and urologist because I was having some problems with an excessive need to urinate at night. Problem solved with meds in a flash.

But before he solved the problem, he had to examine me and check the prostate (ugh),so it was necessary for me to drop my pants and show all. So before I did that, I told him that I had started last July doing male enhancement exercises after seeing Big Al's site and joining it.(As a physician, it made sense to me that elastic tissues could be stretched.) His reply was that he thought all that stuff was a lot of baloney. I replied: 'No sir.'

Last July I was 4 x 3 flaccid and 5 x 4 erect, and now I am 6.5 X 4.5 flaccid and 7.5 X 5.5 erect, and I just wanted him to know before I took down my pants. He has seen my penis many times over the years that he has taken care of me.

You should have seen his look when I dropped them. Priceless! Then he hefted my penis and said: 'Goodness! I have sure learned a lot of new things today! I wonder if there could be something here for my patients with Peyronie's disease?' He took down the name of your website and I left with a new believer telling me to let him know how things were going.

So, if you are wondering if this "penis enlargement" works or are discouraged, take heart and keep doing the exercises."
Dr. Foster, Physician

Loving it so far . . .

"It's been feeling great! Definite enlargement in flaccid size, and a heavier, veinier appearance overall. Just a small gain in erect size so far, but I can feel it's working the right areas, so no hurry. I should also mention that I've had no injuries or indications that I'm overdoing it so far.

At the risk of sounding like an internet liar, I submit the following information: before beginning your program, I was a little over eight inches erect. My goal, honestly, is to become ridiculously large... no upper limit (and no hurry). I'll be happy, though, when I can say I'm a solid 10 or 11 inches. :-) Thanks very much!"
N. Atri (satisfied customer!)

All I can say is that it works!

"All I can say is that it works. My penis went from 5 1/2 inches (Length) X 5 inches (girth) to 7+ (Length) to 6 (girth) over approximately 1 year.

My wife loves the changes but doesn't want me to get much larger so I'm maintaining here. Not even sure if I could get much larger.

Early on, to get my initial growth in length I did the exercises exactly how you described them. I got to 7 inches very rapidly this way and have been maintaining since around June. I do keep working on girth to maintain thickness and do my exercises on a semi-regular basis."
Member Username: DEH

Great Results in Just Two Weeks!

"I would like to thank you for your excellent advice. I was hesitant to join, but now after two weeks, I have increased the length of my penis from 6" to 6.75".

My wife has noticed the difference. I haven't told her what I am doing, but she told me that she thinks my penis is getting bigger. I will continue my routine and I will let you know my progress."

Big Al is true to his word

"Just so everybody knows, Big Al is true to his word. No, I would never ask for a refund for the money I spent joining Big Al's site, but there was an accident billing my phone when I signed up for Big Al's site and he got it fixed pronto!!"
Member Username: Hugeness

Started Al's advance length routine. . .

"I have been doing "PE" exercises for a long time so I was able to jump right into the program that Al suggested.

WOW, I have seeing some awesome feelings and will be anxious to report when I get some gains. The first thing I want to say is that the video's were a great help. I watched all of them and some over and over. It helped me perfect the exercise that I was doing. I went back and watched them to make sure I was doing them right. On a couple of them, I was not doing it right, but when I did, I certainly saw/felt the difference.

Then there was a difference in my girth and stretching and after about three days, I was really packin'. Sex last night was the best I had ever had. I completely filled my wife's vagina more than I have ever in the past.

So, Kudo's Al! I am really excited."
Member Username: Iowa

My wife can't believe it!

"Hi, just started my PE recently. I was a little above avg. to begin with, but nothing to brag about (6 1/2 inches Length by 5 inches Width).

Like prolly everyone else, the wife said "you don't need to do that. I like it just the way it is." Lies all lies I tell ya.

Well, after only 2 weeks my cock is already getting fatter and I have rock hard erections. Needless to the say the wife can't believe it either.

Now she is cheering me along and making sure I have time to get my routine done, lol. Wish I would have known about this years ago. Thanks!"

It's Happening

"Ahh! One of the first "promises" of the male enhancement program has occurred. The other day as I was parading my 100% erection in front of my wife to inspire fore-play. She stated in amazed observational tone, 'Is your penis getting bigger?, It looks bigger. Yes, your penis is getting bigger! What is going on?'

This is great, she notices this and other things are happening too. More on them later. Basically I am feeling good about all of this."

Indirectly stopping crime and violence?

"Thanks for having the courage and taking the time and making the effort to help folks with these issues. I have heard it said by a few people who are "authorities" on the subject of "dysfunctional behavior patterns" (best way to say that?) that, if people had more fulfilling sex lives, we'd probably see a HUGE decrease in crime and violence across the board worldwide.

They were not saying it would DISAPPEAR, but I think I can see their logic even so. I'm not into that kind of thing (crime) myself ANYWAY, but I know how much more peaceful I feel within myself and toward the world after experiencing truly good sex."

By far the best!

"Your website should be considered a 'benchmark' for ALL other sites to compare themselves to!!

Thanks alot for everything. Keep up the good work, Al."

I'm sold!

"Well, it's been five days shy of two months since I first started. Gains have been fairly steady. Having measured pre-exercising flaccidity on May 25, 2003, I had 107mm. I measured this morning of July 20, 2003, and I was up to 125mm, a gain of approximately 3/4 of an inch. In just two months, I find that highly impressive! I'm sold!"


Greg H.

1.25 inches in 5 weeks!

"I have been doing the Big Al's exercises for about five weeks.

It works, I have gone from 4.25 flaccid to 5.25 flaccid and from 6.0 to 7.25 erect. From 3.0 flaccid to 3.5 flaccid in circumference and to a 5.0 erect circumference. Thanks Al!"

Honest male enhancement

"Big Al,

Thanks! There is a lot of things for a guy to read and get on top of if he is REALLY interested in using your WELL organized site to his best interest.

Most of the other 'so called' male enhancement sites are ONLY interested in one thing and that is your $$$. They copy the text from the true professionals in male enhancement, which is YOUR SITE for the most part and get a web designer to plaster up a few colorful pages, paste and rearrange the text, add a visa/mastercard page, and they are off and running for a few months in the PE business.

I know, I joined one a couple years ago. . . they closed down . . . and reopened under another name! Thanks again for your HONEST site!"

Thanks for everything . . .

"You have helped make me feel so much better about myself. I have seen lots of improvements over just the last 3 weeks. It's just not all about the size, but how I feel. I dont know what it is, but just knowing im improving makes me feel good. I just wanted to say thanks for making this site and constantly improving it. Your info on our problems are a very big help. Thanks"

Your customer support is worth it!

"Dear Big Al,

Thank you for your constant swift replies. Your customer support is fantastic. Keep up the good work! And thank you so very much with helping me change my penis!!"

I am so happy . . .

"Al, I just measured today and my length is 6 1/2 and girth is a little over 4 3/4. Thank u so much for your program and all the questions u have answered for me. My starting length was just under 6 inches and girth was just under 4 1/2. I am so happy about the gains i have made so far and hopefully i will get to my goal of 8x6 soon."
Member Username: TheDragon

You're a safety net for the rest of us!

"I just want to say thanks for putting this together. I also appreciate your responsiveness to people, the way you have conducted yourself and especially the learning, collaborative, non-judgemental atmosphere that you propogate. It makes things feel safe."

The support is dead-on . . .

"Thanks again for being so quick on answering questions it is very helpful. Your customer service is by far the best out of any business I have experienced. Thanks again."
Chuck D.

This works without a doubt. . .

I've had some great results. I started 6 x 5 bone pressed, and after 3 weeks, I'm 6 1/4 x 5 1/4 I'm pretty certain my gains are even higher than that, but I know I was measuring the 'benefit of the doubt' on my initial measurements. THANKS!!!"
Chris K.

You are a God-send!

"Thank you very much for helping me get started with everything. You are truely a God-send. I really appreciate all your help and great info."
Andre of Glendale, California (a proud member)

You will not be dissapointed . . .

"BIG AL's system is great to buy. Once you buy his coaching program you are rewarded with his great guide where you hear a lot of things about male enhancement, which will lead you beyond the beginner techniques.

His system is excellent and the reason why I say this is the fact that he is very helpful with anything you ask and trust me he is very knowledgable. I am in no way affialted with BIG AL, I'm just a customer and I've purchased a few other PE manuals and not one of them were helpful with my questions except for BIG AL, who has been a guardian angel from day one.

I asked him question after question and not once has he turned me down. Trust me go with BIG AL throughout PE and you will not be disappointed, he's a great guy and he treats you like a friend and in the business world we live in, I commend his actions!

It works!

"I can't say enough about Big Al's program. It works. There are tons of other gimmick quick-fix (KEYWORD: gimmick) remedies out there, but when you get down to it you only gain what you put in to it.

With Big Al, I went from 5.75" BPEL to 7.9" BPEL. Granted this initail growth was within 8 months of starting the program. Thanks for the "how-to" on the program, it has made a big difference in my awareness and improved my self confidence. Keep up the good work!"

I love the results . . .

"Big Al's program is good. It takes discipline, but it truly does work. I was already 7.5, but gaing a solid half inch all the way up the shaft in circumference. A little more at the base. I also have better woodies, and the woman seems to like it alot."

She's starting to ask questions . . .

"My results have been very positive. I have been doing the excires for about 5 months and my lady friend has asked if I'm getting bigger. She has no idea that I have been doing them."

You've changed a skeptic's mind!

"I really didn't think these male enhancement exercises were going to work with me. This is my third week using "most" of your instructions.

I was very skepticle of all this penis enlargement stuff having tried some freebee advice off of the web for about 1 month with no results. Well this week I had this feeling like something was going to happen and it did. I grew 1/2" erect and about 1/4" girth more."

Thank you for the ecouragement and support!

"Well, last weekend was a measuring weekend for me and I am pretty dog-gone happy! I have reached my goal of 7 inches in length 3 months early! That is a gain of one full inch from February to now.

As far as girth goes, seems that I need to do a bit more since I am still just a bit over 5.5 inches but since I started at 5 inches and I am still happy. I have been focusing more on the stretches and lengthening than girth and will wait to see what happens by the end of year and then re- evaluate.

To anyone reading this: this really does work. Thanks all of you who encouraged me and to especially Big Al who really made this all possible."

Big Al's support is well worth it!

"I've purchased Big Al's coaching system and he's always been very helpful everytime I've asked questions. This is the only manual I've purchased and his customer support in answering questions later, definitely made it well worth the price I paid.

I'm also not affiliated with his site, just a customer. If you're going to buy a manual, I would definitely recommend it. Customer support top-notch! "

It doesn't matter if your old or young . . .

"Thank you for your help Big Al! Guys: His program really works if you stick to the rules, and don't rush the results. At 54 years of age, I'm getting results that I only dreamed of. Thanks again, for your recent help, and for a program that works."
Member Username: Earthaalien

I am amazed . . .

"Wow it works! I have only been doing it approx. 4 weeks and I have noticed increased length and girth. Thank you, I am amazed!"
Best wishes, D.M., United Kingdom

Great site!

"This site is something I wished I had found years ago as it looks to be a wealth of information. Thank you very much for your time."
Brett B.

Half an inch in a week!

"I joined just over a week ago. I was at 6.0 inches and I already have gained 0.5 inches so far! My goal is 8.0!"

Thanks a MILLION . . .

"Thanks a MILLION for all of the info you sent me. It was exactly what I was looking for, the visuals showed everything step by step. Now I'm sure I'm not doing them wrong. I will diffinetly see results. Thanks for taken the time and the guidance.
Member Username: Longhorn


"Just wanted to thank you for your coaching. After getting your advice, my results for the past 3 months has been AMAZING!! Thanks to your help, I'm seeing some kick-ass results! YOU DA MAN!!!"

My wife and I thank you!

"Thank you so much for your work. It has enhanced my life and my wife's greatly."
B.P. of Myrtle Beach, SC

I bought this for my husband

"My husband felt that he needed something like (this) When I bought it for him, and he tried it, his confidence in bed sky-rocketed!"

Simply amazing!

"I didn't know if it would work, but it REALLY DOES! All's I have to say is that I added one inch in less than three weeks! This program is a total God-send! Finally! Keep up the good work!"
M. Charles

My wife: "Did you get surgery?"

"My wife's job requires her to go away for weeks at a time. She went on a two month business trip; and while she was away, I used Big Al's system. She thought that I had surgery!"
S.T. of Calgary, Alberta, Canada

I blew her mind . . . .

"Hey, I have tried Big Al's technique and it is working. I have noticed tremendous difference in size, about 1/2" in 1 week during erection; sometimes 1/2-3/4 inch flaccid. Sex with my wife is so much better. Usually reaching orgasm in 5-7 minutes; blew her mind the other night with a 20 minute episode."


"Thanks to you Big Al, I have gained 1.30 inches in length and a lot in width. You are The Mentor!"

Great results in a short time!

"I have only been at it for a few weeks, but I can really see the growth in girth. I went from 5.5 to 6.5 and have been able to hold onto it (pun intended).

I have about as much girth as length, but I will take the girth any day. It turns me on and my partner likes it."
Member Username: studio69

Amazing Support!

"Man, I must say you have the BEST SUPPORT Ive ever found in any kind of site, you answer incredibly fast. Thank you."

Your help is priceless

"Thank you! I appreciate your advice! Thank you again for you priceless help. I now have a 7 inches in erect length thanks to you. Take care!"
Member Username: JCT

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