About A.J. "Big Al" Alfaro

Hi, I am A.J. "Big Al" Alfaro. I am the head personal male enhancement trainer at meCoach. I personally coach every one our clients one-on-one, and I:
  • Have been featured on MSNBC, CNN, Salon.com, The "Jon Melichar Show," The Boston Phoenix, PE Magazine, AltPenis Research, Weekly Wire, and Men's Wellness News.
  • Am the author of several books and guides, including "For Men Only" and "How To Get Incredibly Huge and Super Strong Naturally."
  • Write columns for the Just For Guys newsletter as well as The Penile Exercising Gym.
  • Have helped more than a quarter million of men achieve improved sexual health, fitness, and their male enhancement goals through my publications and coaching.
  • Doctors and clients have said: "I heartily recommend Big Al's program for penile enlargement.

The Advisory Team

Our advisory board of experts, doctors and other coaches have helped create the meCoach Guide and work to ensure your success. Periodically these experts help our clients one-on-one. The team includes:

  • SUCCESS"1-on-1 Coaching Makes the Difference!"

How many people can say they love what they do? My coaches and I know that we can! Everyday we see the difference that we make on men and their sex lives.

"Big Al has helped me every step of the way. . ."

"The reason students, professional athletes and the rich get coaches is because they make a difference! Tackling something on your own is an uphill battle, especially with penile exercising, when you have no one to train with. I want to say thanks to Big Al for giving such good advice and for being there as a source of inspiration and motivation. Thanks to him, I am now sitting at 8 inches in erect length."
Alex, Male Enhancement Coach client

"Knowing you are well-hung is an amazing feeling . . ."

"In a little over half a year, I went from 5.75 inches of bone-pressed erect length to 7.9 inches of bone-pressed erect length. Thank you for the coaching and the meCoach guide. You have made a big difference in my awareness and improved my self confidence."
Rob, Male Enhancement Coach client

"Big Al is the best!"

"Thanks to Big Al, I have gained 1.25 inches in less than two months of your coaching. He has been very patient with all of my questions, giving me constant encouragement and advice."
Big C., Male Enhancement Coach client

  • FAQ"Do I Need a Coach?"

We constantly hear 'thank you' from men telling us how much we changed their lives. Here are the top 5 reasons our clients say that they're glad they went with our 1-on-1 coaching:

  • We saved them time and frustration - why spend countless hours researching, when we can teach you everything you need to know?
  • Going at it alone is risky, and possibly even dangerous - we've had many men come to us in despair after they hurt themselves with an unproven product or workout.
  • Results, results, results - We're professionals, and we know how to help you gain.
  • With a proven system, you'll get bigger, faster - men have come to us after months of limited gains, only to start gaining within a couple of weeks.
  • Constant support and assurance - having a personal coach in your corner to guide you makes all the difference.

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